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To become a member and receive the great benefits offered follow these steps:

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  1. Print the Membership Application.
  2. Complete the form selecting the type of membership you would like.
  3. Sign and date the form.
  4. Send us your application.






Send a scanned copy to:
  Transport Life & Leisure
P.O. Box 159
  (02) 9752 8217


Membership Fees


Full membership $130.00 per annum.

Retired membership $39.00 per annum.
– Must be 58 years and over and not working full time.
– Cannot participate in the initial Christmas School Holiday period accommodation release.

Fortnightly $5.00 deductions for employees of; Sydney Trains, NSW Trains, Pacific National, State Transit, Transport for NSW, ARTC or John Holland.

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Membership Payment Conditions

  1.  Membership is annual and runs for 12 months from the date you join. The membership fee can be paid annually or via payroll deductions.
  2. Members who elect to pay via payroll deductions are required to pay the balance of the annual membership via credit card or bank transfer on notification to TL&L of their intention to cancel their membership.

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